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As a child I was introduced to crystals and energy work and I remember thinking,

"So this is magic."

SoulStoked began as a creative outlet, a way to bring my loves together and share them with others. Crystals, Healing energy and magical powers.

When I was little, I was the girl running around the driveway holding every rock asking anyone who would listen, "can you feel that?"

Just like us as humans, every crystal has a story to tell, its own energetic vibration which interacts with ours.

I created SoulStoked to inspire you to live a SoulStoked life. To do more of what makes your heart sing.

To heal, grow and share your story... even if it is just with your crystals.

And last but not least, to remind you that there is a little magic in us all, but it's up to you to unlock it.

Infuse your creations with your visions, your goals, your manifestations, your stories and watch them come to life!

Remember your Magic.