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SoulStoked Creations Care

SoulStoked creations are to be cared for with love.

Cleanse your crystals as often as feels right to you, use your intuition and allow it to guide you when it comes to cleansing, how often and when to do it. When the cleansing is complete, make sure to set your intentions with your crystal creations!

All gemstone bracelets are handmade with a strong elastic stretch cord. To maintain it's durability, slide the bracelet on to your wrist. The less extreme stretching and pulling, the better!

It's best to not leave your creations in direct sunlight for too long as the sunlight can sometimes discolour crystals. Do not keep your creations in water for long periods of time, especially your sandalwood pieces. You can however clean your creations with a damp cloth, give them a wipe and shine and then dry them after.