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the Balanced Mala


Amethyst, Amazonite and hints of Titanium Plated Hematite


Amethyst: It is said, the Amethyst is connected to the Temperance card in the Tarot representing balance. Amethyst is a protective stone, it purifies and cleanses the mind of negative thoughts. It enhances creativity and passion, brings inner peace and healing, and helps you connect to your intuition. It is a perfect stone to meditate with.


Amazonite: Aids in balancing feminine and masculine energies. This stone is both powerful and bold, yet helps to soothe and calm the spirit and the soul. It's a stone of courage and truth and empowers one to search inside for the answers that you seek.


Hematite: Clears and activates the Root chakra, the energy centre that anchors you to the earth and provides a feeling of stability. Has the ability to absorb any toxic emotions holding you back from your natural state of joy and vitality.

  • About

    The Balanced Warrior

    The Balanced Warrior will help you tune into your true self, connect you to your inner guidance and provide strength to help you move past any struggles that you are encountering; whether they be within the self or with others.


    Remember, there cannot be a yin without it's yang and vice versa. When both energies are balanced, you will feel at peace.


    When you are balanced mind, body & soul, your mind will remain still so that your body and soul can communicate their needs. This will provide clairty from within for the answers that you seek.


    The Balanced Warrior reminds you to trust the guidance that comes from within and know that it will always lead you down the right path.

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